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Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (“ADJD”) Wills Registry operates under laws of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and is a dedicated registry responsible for registration of Wills for non-Muslim expats which sits under the purview of the on-shore Arabic language courts in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The ADJD Wills Registry operates under the Civil Law jurisdiction and an ADJD Will can cover assets located in all seven Emirates in the UAE. An ADJD Will ensures that UAE Shariah law will not be applied to the estate of a non-Muslim.


ADJD Wills Registry emulates the principle of testamentary disposition which essentially means that any one registering a Will shall have the right to bequeath their assets to whom they wish. ADJD Wills also cover the guardianship of minor children and testators are allowed to appoint permanent and temporary guardians to provide care for the children in the event of death of both parents.

It is an essential requirement for each testator to attend in person or through virtual means for registration appointments. All formalities including approval of draft Wills and legal translation can be pre-arranged through our law office.

Requirements for ADJD (Abu Dhabi Registered) Will:
  • The Testator must be a non-Muslim;

  • The Testator, Executors and Trustees must be of legal age under UAE laws i.e. 21 years or more;

  • The Testator must hold a valid UAE Resident Identity Card;

  • Wills not originally drafted in Arabic language must be translated into Arabic by a sworn translator and registered at the ADJD Wills Registry in Arabic or bilingual form.





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