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UAE Wills with Letters of Consent

UAE Wills with Letters of Consent is an option available to Muslims as an alternative to UAE Shariah law distribution. This approach is based on mutual trust and harmony between the family of the deceased Muslim testator where the intended beneficiaries and the natural beneficiaries as per UAE Shariah law agree on re-distribution of the estate by the executor as per the wishes specified in the UAE Will even if the same is not strictly in accordance with predetermined inheritance shares under UAE Shariah law.


Muslim clients who wish to distribute their estate with testamentary disposition can attempt to do so by obtaining letters of consent signed by the natural and immediate Shariah heirs so that their assets are distributed as per their wishes. Please note that any natural Shariah heir who signs a letter of consent, cannot be stopped from revoking the letters of consent already executed by them and insisting that UAE Shariah law be applied to the estate of the deceased. UAE Courts would accordingly respect the right of the heir to revoke such letters.

Requirements for this type of Will:
  • Testator must be a Muslim;

  • Testator must be of at least 21 years of age;

  • The Testator, Executors and Trustees must be of legal age under UAE laws i.e. 21 year or more;

  • All heirs must be willing and able to sign Letters of consent waiving their inheritance.



Peace of mind, made easy.

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