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Shariah Compliant Wills

A Shariah compliant Will ensures your assets will be given to your beloved family members or other specified beneficiaries as per UAE Shariah law. A Shariah compliant Will allows Muslims to nominate the executors and trustees of their choice in addition to specifying their wishes for up to 1/3rd of their estate. Having a Shariah compliant Will makes it easier for the heirs to obtain the succession certificate from the UAE Courts and is intended to provide certainty for the family members of the deceased and any UAE assets.


As a Muslim in the UAE you should be aware that Shariah Law principles automatically apply to the inheritance distribution of your UAE Estate.

A Shariah compliant Will is drafted in line with Islamic Law principles under UAE Personal Status Law. The testator has the right to specify if he wishes to donate or gift 1/3rd of his Estate to other beneficiaries. The testator can also specify appointment of Executors and Trustees in addition to instructions relating to any specific preferences for Muslim burial.

Requirements for Shariah Compliant Will:
  • Testator must be a Muslim;

  • Testator must be at least 21 years of age;

  • The Testator, Executors and Trustees must be of legal age under UAE laws i.e. 21 years or more.



Peace of mind, made easy.

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